Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The transitional in between

I seem to always like

I think
the awkward
appeals to me

When I'm thinking of clothing

I prefer
and fall

I love
Regency 1810-1820

sshot-2008-12-31-[17-31-57] by you.sshot-2008-12-31-[17-30-09] by you.
sshot-2008-12-31-[17-31-01] by you.sshot-2008-12-31-[17-30-24] by you.

WWI 1910-1920

sshot-2008-12-31-[17-33-50] by you.sshot-2008-12-31-[17-34-36] by you.
sshot-2008-12-27-[18-01-43] by you.
sshot-2008-12-27-[18-09-36] by you.
sshot-2008-12-27-[18-04-57] by you.


sshot-2008-11-21-[09-06-01] by you.
sshot-2008-11-26-[22-34-51] by you.
sshot-2008-11-05-[21-49-13] by you.
sshot-2008-11-23-[10-01-34] by you.sshot-2008-11-23-[10-01-45] by you.

sshot-2008-12-22-[20-16-43] by you.sshot-2008-11-21-[18-34-58] by you.


I prefer Marc Jacobs' Resort line
to the summer collection of 2009
What a surprise!!
its something transitional

sshot-2008-11-28-[12-48-34] by you.sshot-2008-11-28-[12-47-48] by you.

I think this designer's collection
is a great example
of more to come
in this century/decade
soft and hard silhouette/textures
put together unexpectedly
and large scale
complicated techniques
done with printed textiles
sshot-2008-12-31-[16-07-45] by you.
sshot-2008-12-31-[16-08-04] by you.
sshot-2008-12-31-[16-08-17] by you.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Chicken feathers

The chicken shirt
ruffled hat
lace shoes
are all into play

IMG_2282 by you.
IMG_2281 by you.
IMG_2304 by you.
IMG_2344 by you.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

White moth craze

current obsession
white moths
oh and

I still cant get over 
the mystery
of pastel colors

Friday, December 26, 2008

Winter pebbles

I have noticed that
has gone further than
wonderful crafters

It now
has a large

I grabbed this 1960's hat
from graceantiques

My sister
did my makeup
incredibly perfect
for the following photos

IMG_1934 by you.

IMG_1929 by you.

IMG_1943 by you.
IMG_1907 by you.

Other items
I recently snatched

Green macaroonesque hat

1950's sweetheart neck/back with silver cording

Inspirational black bird

Hat, which will be a later ode to the spring 2009 Marc Jacobs line

Hat which completely leaves me speechless

Shoes that also leave me speechless

Friday, December 19, 2008

1940's all the way

I decided it would be best
to be decked out in 1940's
for the day
IMG_1727 by you.IMG_1713 by you.
IMG_1714 by you.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tulip drinks

This is what I wear 
when I drink too much
tulips !!!

IMG_1694 by you.

My husband giving me a 
terrified look
and me being bossy

IMG_1677 by you.

My friend Jo and I 

IMG_1707 by you.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

salamandar leaves

I continued the amphibian theme 
from my design project 
into this outfit

Items that made it happen:

1940's fern dress
1/4 yard of fake fur fabric
1950 salamader pin
1930's grape ribbon

up close details

IMG_1605 by you.

ribbon detail

IMG_1583 by you.

fake fur detail

IMG_1586 by you.

upper outfit detail

IMG_1573 by you.


IMG_1564 by you.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Powder blue

I love the sound of
"powder blue"
If any product 
was named this 
I would buy it
no matter what it is

this outfit embodies
my love for this name

IMG_1668 by you.
IMG_1660 by you.
IMG_1662 by you.