Thursday, February 19, 2009

Moth collar

For my
Conceptual class

Our assignment was to choose
a weird material (for ex. anything)
and let the material speak for itself.

I choose this foam/mat
that protects wood tables

It said it wanted to be fringed
into a collar
with moths and flowers all over

two paragraph explanation here


IMG_3837 by you.

mood sketch

IMG_3829 by you.

Final piece (all angles)


IMG_3866 by you.

IMG_3887 by you.

IMG_3810 by you.

IMG_3819 by you.


IMG_3881 by you.


IMG_3811 by you.

IMG_3812 by you.

IMG_3882 by you.


IMG_3861 by you.

IMG_3884 by you.

IMG_3885 by you.

IMG_3886 by you.