Friday, December 18, 2009

Pieces of my porfolio

I also made my portfolio this semester
I left out the technical flats to spare you...
Now I need to make little samples
and then my portfolio will be complete!

Early fall 2012
Bambie Garden Crasher

Deer who ruin perfectly prim gardens.
Especially gardens with lattice and Ivy.
16th century wallpaper and textiles in the Skansen Park in Sweden

Holiday 2012
Ballet des Animaux Albinos (ballet of albino animals)

albino animals
the movie Red Shoes
tulle and sequins

Spring 2012
Oh no! Someone spilled on the couch!!

creepy old English/baroque/traditional couches that has spills all over.
I like the clash between the stuffy and the electric. It also can be looked at as toxic man product spilled upon nature.
Yep you heard correctly, all the spills you see on the outfits are full of satin stitch embroidery!

Summer 2012
Chameleon Chain Brooch


This collection was HEAVILY researched. It all started with a little story from a lady's childhood memories. She said that during the 1950s they wore brooches with a chain that attached to a harness on a little chameleon. I found out that there were peek periods when this was popular. In the 1890's eccentrics were seen wearing them. In the 1920s it was popular to have a chameleon roaming all over, but without a chain. In the 1950s and 1960s they were no longer chameleons, but anoles and were always attached to a harness/pin. From the 20's-60s street vendors or "bug pinchers" at the circus would sell them. Women and children wore them.

fall 2013

Treasures of the Sea

We actually had to include our final collection. Read all about it in the previous post :)