Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Up close and personal

Here is the photo shoot of my last fashion show!
You can see the eyelashes I made, shoes, hats, and two extra outfits
photography by: Heath Orchard

edit: someone asked for a detailed description:

My collection was inspired by the mysterious treasures of the sea.  I researched hermit crabs in clear glass shells and organic sea shapes for the aesthetics, while using hat making techniques for construction inspiration.  I  molded giant lobsters and shells into existence.  I made sure the raincoat embodied the glass shells in the hermit crab experiment, while the silk dress underneath was as soft as the body of a hermit crab.  I made my own resin crab and shell zipper pulls and shoe clips.  The prints on the linings, dress, and blouse were all designed and printed by me.  I made extra accessories as well: shell hat, plastic rain hat, and eyelashes.