Saturday, September 25, 2010

I Pray to thee Miuccia Prada


You Miuccia 

have been
and always will be 
the light of my life

Your collections are too beautiful for this world, we dont even deserve you!

The genius in each garment, accessory....EVERYTHING is just so
ultimately incredible, I really cant handle it!!!
Can we best pals and talk about life?

Each season my life grows more and more complete

I literally want a full room filled with this collection (and others, I wouldnt mind)
I would make it my office and I would be soo much more productive! 

*The baroque prints (they are not just prints but cut outs that lay over cool texture techniques, like a pop up book!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
*the stripes
*the colors!
*the silhouettes!
*the hair
*the makeup
*the fishtail/tulip bottom needs to come


wow I'm a creep

you can look now:

Can you send me this top (see photo below) in a size L Miuccia, please?  I mean I would love the whole ensemble, but I don't want to burden you.

Im serious me  

hahah I wish.....