Friday, October 15, 2010

The adventures of being glamorous, through a child's eyes...

talk about the most glamorous hair EVER!
Childhood dream!

Oh man being glamorous
When I was little I thought of:
Old movie stars (I mean who doesn't?)
Lots of shiny jewelry
Beading galore
Fake eyelashes
Special anything
Long hair

So when I saw this 1950's dress at the alameda point antique fair 
I knew it was a glamorous dream come true.
All the beading, and the smooth silk!!! Mmmmm Cinderella

When Ashley invited me to her weekly karaoke night
I decided to dress and choose glamorous items from my child hood 
I decided to have a super glamorous (the best tasting, and delicately wrapped in tissue paper) patron tequila.  The patron bottle even has a little bee and a ribbon on it! 
I had to of course enjoy it in a little 1930s green depression glass!

As I skipped out the door I plopped on a 1950s  fluffy feather hat
As I walked down the street, I felt disappointed in myself  
because I was missing something....
Many many sparkling 
silver rings
hahha tiaras  

I quickly got over it, and was distracted by how glamorous Ashley was...

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There will be another giveaway on Monday, 
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basically this is giveaway heaven month!!
Ill give you a hint...
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hmmm which will be first...
keep your eye out.