Saturday, November 13, 2010

HEEELLPP!! Last minute New York trip!!! I need a place to stay! Picture in one of my favorite stores!

So I'm going to New York next week if I can find a place to stay.
My friend Kaylin (in this post and the post below) is having an interview with Nanette Lepore!
Pierre and I would love to accompany her, but we need shelter :) haha
We would be staying from Nov. wed. 17th to  wed. 24th 
I promise to shower whoever hosts us with little presents, groceries, and anything else they need!
thanks guys!

On with the outfit photos, introduction to one of my fav stores, and a victorian flower making kit in a box!

Photoshoot with my sis:

Kaylin, my mom and I went to have ice cream and visit one of my most favorite stores: Tail of the yak!

Victorian flower-making kit in a box from Tail of the Yak

Aaah sorry...more outfit shots

Top: Velvet and sheer body suit, with flocked swirls, from Thrift town in  San Leandro
Skirt: Early 1950s, felt and sequined flowers and leaves on velvet from  Goldmine trash
Shoes in sister shoot: 1930s silk art deco house shoes (oops worn outside) from: Lou lou's vintage
Shoes in this last shoot: Gold F21
Hat: Crinoline loops and a bow made in the Early 1940s from Torso Vintage SF
Eyeshadow: Color I mixed myself with: Make Up Forever aquarelle