Monday, February 28, 2011

We Love Colors + Fashion Forestry = Versailles + Black Swan Giveaway

We Love Colors + Fashion Forestry = "Versailles"



We Love Colors + Fashion Forestry = "Black Swan"





Versailles+ Black Swan


I am so excited about this giveaway!
I chose two of my favorite colors of we love colors arm length gloves
Then sprinkled my favorite vintage sequins, plastic flowers, and flower studs!!!

Who ever I draw first as the winner, chooses the pair of gloves they prefer.

Personally I love both!!!!
 (When this is finished, I'm planning tp whip up both pairs for my self...hehe!) 

See them for yourself, and spread the word!!!!

Rules To Win:

Open to international adresses

1) Must be or become a follower of my blog and facebook.  Tell me how you are following!

2) Announce the giveaway on facebook, twitter, blog, tublr, email friends...anywhere you can...
3) Which pair of gloves do you like, why, and what will be the first thing you will wear it with?
4) Post a picture of your favorite tights/gloves
5) Post your most beloved accessory, one you cant live without

Entries are closed on Wed. March 9
Two winners will be announced  Fri. March 11