Wednesday, June 1, 2011

YES I am still alive! Part 2 of 4 last posts in San francisco

So I made it across the pond to London!
I am living in a temporary place near Broadway Market!

Anyone want to have a blogger meet up!?
I would like to get to know the London blogging community!

On with part 2 of my last days in San Francisco Post!






Pictures taken: close to my cousin Aubrey's old neighborhood by Golden gate park in San Francisco
Photographed by: Aubrey Allred

Outfit details: Coat: Liberty of London for target
Romper: 1990s floral romper ~ Mission thrift (my favorite San Francisco thrift store)
Shawl: Victorian Crochet grapes, table runner/shawl ~ From: badgirlvintage2
Hat: 1930s straw tilt hat ~ From: mischiefinthehouse
Socks: Floral with a yellow background ~ From: ebay
Shoes: 1980s floral ~ From: Missgaylee
Purse: 1950s metal basket ~ From: ebay
Earrings: 1940s Flowers made by: Trifari ~ From: vintagesparklz
Lipstick: Ysl #52