Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Meeting Kelly Marie!







Photographed by: Pierre Eymard

Outfit details:

Blouse1940s purple nylon fabric with lace collar
Trousers: 1960s
Cape:  1930s samayavintage
Rain boots:  1980s Frog wellies
Necklace: 1940s from The Plastic Fever
Hat: 1940s looped purple crinoline Torso Vintage

Upon meeting Kelly Marie, right away I knew 
we have many adventures in store for us!!!
Kindered spirits for sure!

Sorry about the lack of posts!  I was supposed to move into my new flat on the 20th of June
but the restorer has taken up residence there and refuses to leave!
I have been running around everywhere trying to find the proper solution!
So bare with me in my rocky settling into London!
Over the past weeks I have been documenting some amazing finds 
so don't you worry!