Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Quick little hat pictures

Sorry for the lack of posts, I hope you understand :(
 I'm trying to launch my own label, all the while continue with collaborations (making mini collecting by hand all by myself!!), 
and try to get a new phone (dealing with the theft of my phone and paypal trageties)
My etsy account even got canceled!!! :( 
And if anyone wants the items that I posted on etsy earlier in the month 
you can still contact me because they havent sold yet :(

I feel like im living in a circus and I am the ringmaster, creator, and performer in all the acts!

Outfit Details:

Hat: 1960s flower hat
Flowers on top: 1960s Kanzashi flower hair piece (hair pick) I suck on top of my 1960s hat
Blouse: 1950s scalloped powder blue ruffles and mini pearl buttons
Nail polish: YSL (I think its the perfect nail goes with any color combo!)
Shorts: Topshop (full post coming soon!)