Wednesday, March 6, 2013

I'm back!





I have been busy working on launching my label and finally I can post again!

All photos were shot by the lovely Robert le Baron
Instagram photos, video and behind the scenes were shot by Kayvan

Details about the pictures: Me and Kayvan

Outfit details:

On me:

Coat: 1980s does 1940s new look fox hunting full length red and lack coat
Hat:1940s bonnet with fur trim
Cord in braids: white and red cord from my moms valentines package
Sweater: 1970s red and white knit intarsia
Phone purse: 1960s white leather phone works
Boots: 1980s fur boots
Belt: 1950s metal
Stole: Edwardian fur creature 

On Kayvan:

Sweater coat: 1980s Austrian coat with thistles  and bees in green grey and red
Leggings: Grey knit from H&M
Scarf: Edwardian Jacquard golden fringe shawl
Shoes: Leather boots