Friday, November 21, 2008

My aesthetic

I had Junior review at my school
here is my set up
IMG_0537 by you.IMG_0538 by you.

When I put up the show, 
I couldn't help but laugh 
because it looks like
I took a portion
of my room 
and put it on display


One of my woodland deer
(the standing up one is in the following picture)

IMG_0623 by you.

My wall of fabrics

IMG_0527 by you.

miniature portion of my closet

IMG_0626 by you.

details of my inspiration boxes

IMG_0622 by you.IMG_0619 by you.IMG_0621 by you.

full array of
inspiration boxes

IMG_0618 by you.

If this is of interest to anyone
I'll do another post of my other goodies around the house
including my GIANT collection of brooches
and my progressively giant hat collection