Wednesday, January 21, 2009

1920 appliques and Japan Town Heaven

I was so excited when
I found these
1920 felt appliques

I stuck them
an on my dress

ps crazy hair and glasses day

IMG_3018 by you.

My friend told me about
amazing japan town stores

I jumped into the above outfit

When I arrived
I was extremely excited!

In every corner of both stores
I found amazing little
objects for about 4$ and under!!!

Here is a tiny portion of my
Japan Town splurge

IMG_3102 by you.

orange shaped
lip gloss
and pastel
plastic sushi grass!

IMG_3116 by you.

IMG_3108 by you.

I am inspired by these
tiny fish containers

IMG_3107 by you.

Golden Sake!
I'm so girly..

IMG_3113 by you.