Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Flea Market under $50

Oh the Flea Market!
Grand total $50

Right now I am obsessed with ducks
and other water birds

IMG_2664 by you.

These Giant tulle poodles
will go down
one of my
future runways
(they are the size of 3/4 arm length)

IMG_2673 by you.IMG_2669 by you.IMG_2671 by you.

Free backing of a 1940 bow

IMG_2665 by you.

Interesting detailed purse
with interesting closure

IMG_2679 by you.
IMG_2681 by you.

pin up towels

IMG_2629 by you.IMG_2626 by you.IMG_2627 by you.


IMG_2694 by you.

IMG_2695 by you.
Amazing chenille embroidered bedspread
and long pillow sham
which will be used as a shawl

IMG_2676 by you.
IMG_2678 by you.

50 cent photo

IMG_2690 by you.

wood Lilly pad plates

IMG_2687 by you.

HUGE 1941 (in between stages in fashion that I love)
Fashion/interiors Magazine

IMG_2675 by you.

I was really excited to see this add
in the 1941 magazine
becasue at our local Walgreens
they still sell this pressed powder

How funny that I have always
had my eye on this powder

and an advertisement from the past
still did its magic

I bought it the next day

IMG_2659 by you.

IMG_2656 by you.IMG_2655 by you.IMG_2658 by you.

Here is the beloved powder
in MY hand

IMG_2663 by you.