Monday, March 23, 2009

Last weekend's photoshoot

I did a photo shoot
Of all my Designs
from this year
so far

The model is my sister.
I design usually what she
and I want to wear.
so my measurements used for the pattern,
and the size of my dress form
are all her measurements

Ill give a little blurb
about each garment

This is the botanist's dress. I wanted to made the sleeves look like arm rests on a couch. I also wanted to capture pleats in a flower/star shape and in a triangle that falls from the bust point.

IMG_5055 by you.

IMG_5115 by you.

IMG_5088 by you.

IMG_5038 by you.

IMG_5040 by you.

IMG_5041 by you.

IMG_5071 by you.

IMG_5083 by you.

IMG_5121 by you.

IMG_5160 by you.

IMG_5132 by you.

IMG_5193 by you.

IMG_5101 by you.

This is the "save the amphibians" dress/tunic. This is a piece of a collection, that is supposed to raise awareness to the decreasing population of amphibians, due to water shortages and pollution. I plan on making the whole collection out of rain water fed cotton (because cotton is the most harmful fiber to the earth (in many ways), unless is rain water fed)

This dress has a giant salamander applique crawling down the front with an embroidered face. The dress/tunic is super short and the sleeves are huge and long (just the way I like it). All made out of cotton

p.s I made a green frog hang tag with all instinction information.
It will be on all the garments
from the collection.
Look for it in the pictures!

IMG_5030 by you.

IMG_5029 by you.

IMG_5032 by you.

IMG_4992 by you.

IMG_4989 by you.

IMG_4974 by you.

IMG_4975 by you.

IMG_4961 by you.

IMG_4950 by you.

IMG_4946 by you.

IMG_5012 by you.

IMG_4944 by you.

This collar accessory was a project where I had to take a weird material and make it something wearable. I used the foam that protects dinning tables. While I was experimentally fringing the sides of different shapes I realized it felt and looked like insects. Soft to look at but crinkly to feel. So, with that idea in mind I made pointy flowers and moths. As you can see I made the collar so you can wear it at all different lengths (at front and back)!

IMG_4919 by you.

IMG_4941 by you.

IMG_4936 by you.

IMG_4934 by you.

IMG_4932 by you.

IMG_4927 by you.

IMG_4907 by you.

IMG_4918 by you.

IMG_4926 by you.

IMG_4940 by you.

This dress is my seashell bustier. Made up of boning, three layered bodice, many seams, and gathered skirt. Sea foam cotton

IMG_4876 by you.

IMG_4865 by you.
IMG_4879 by you.

IMG_4881 by you.

IMG_4889 by you.IMG_4887 by you.IMG_4900 copy by you.

This is the ribbon dress. I got the idea from a water filter...then I came up with the idea of interchangeable ribbons that flow through button holes to bring life all around the garment, like veins in the body. Fabric: a silk wool blend grosgrain ribbon: rayon

IMG_5257 by you.

IMG_5300 by you.

IMG_5238 by you.

IMG_5253 by you.

IMG_5266 by you.

IMG_5269 by you.

IMG_5245 by you.

IMG_5308 by you.