Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Vintage finds

So I went to The vintage expo
this weekend
I got the hat below
and the following items

1930 hat
tsumori chisato dress with chickens

IMG_5407 by you.

IMG_5394 by you.

IMG_5393 copy by you.

My albino
parrot coat

IMG_5403 by you.

Early 1960's cat print
shift dress

IMG_5411 by you.

IMG_5412 by you.

Early 1950's short sleeved jacket
with a bird in a beautiful cage

IMG_5410 by you.

1940 hat

IMG_5420 by you.

IMG_5426 by you.

IMG_5425 by you.

1940's hat with
"to die for"
millinery trim

IMG_5414 by you.IMG_5416 by you.