Wednesday, April 1, 2009

More designs and Marilou's birthday

Cutting out dress
with creative weights
(at hand)
to hold down fabric

IMG_5552 by you.

IMG_5554 by you.

The dress
"flirty, yet sporty!"

(cheesecloth is the fabric giving its cream-sickle look)
(didn't hem it yet oops!!)

I'm obsessed with vintage zippers
(this on is from the 1940's)

IMG_5576 by you.

IMG_5581 by you.

IMG_5582 by you.

IMG_5583 by you.

IMG_5585 by you.

Marilou's birthday present
and birthday dinner

IMG_5534 by you.

two brooches I made
a vintage gold and silver
chain necklace.
(she is collecting chains right now)
(chain is hard to see but at the bottom of the box)

IMG_5527 by you.

IMG_5514 by you.

IMG_5517 by you.

dinner at amazing
Ethiopian restaurant

IMG_5539 by you.

Afterwards at a bar I met this lovely Australian lady
Holly Owen who is the the
creative director
of Champagne for the ladies
she liked my dress
and I liked hers

IMG_5549 by you.