Friday, April 24, 2009

The final piece

The finished product of this post 
with a conceptual explanation

For my conceptual class final
I continued a long-term obsession
In a past post I talked about my
obsession with masks

Masks are anonymous
but not like a paper bag over your head kind of anonymous

Instead you choose what others see

I thought of rock stars
specifically terry poison

They might want to got to the next level of cheekiness
by covering their swimsuit shapes
while choose what the audience sees

here it is:

IMG_6656 by you.
IMG_6654 by you.IMG_6595 by you.IMG_6570 by you.

BEFORE: self conscious rock star

IMG_6368 by you.IMG_6371 by you.IMG_6374 by you.

AFTER: self assured rock star!!

IMG_6452 by you.
IMG_6288 by you.IMG_6425 by you.
IMG_6446 by you.\
IMG_6352 by you.
IMG_6350 by you.

Work in progress
(changing shoes)

IMG_6187 by you.