Sunday, June 14, 2009

Barcelon 9th 10th


Outfit of the day

Wearing the knit top I
found at the dream store

IMG_9496 by you.

IMG_9475 by you.IMG_9551 by you.IMG_9554 by you.

La playa
IMG_9580 by you.

IMG_9583 by you.IMG_9578 by you.IMG_9574 by you.

Inspirational buildings

IMG_9590 by you.IMG_9509 by you.IMG_9508 by you.IMG_9502 by you.IMG_9490 by you.IMG_9492 by you.IMG_9539 by you.


outfit of the day

IMG_0187 by you.IMG_0229 by you.IMG_0289 by you.IMG_0388 by you.IMG_0383 by you.

maze time

IMG_0350 by you.IMG_0351 by you.IMG_0353 by you.IMG_0349 by you.IMG_0364 by you.IMG_0358 by you.IMG_0347 by you.IMG_0373 by you.IMG_0354 by you.IMG_0348 by you.

wonderful ceramics museum

IMG_9695 by you.IMG_9676 by you.IMG_0097 by you.IMG_0111 by you.

Textile museum
IMG_9886 by you.IMG_9828 by you.IMG_9804 by you.IMG_9773 by you.

Gaudi love

IMG_0212 by you.IMG_0323 by you.IMG_0250 by you.IMG_0248 by you.IMG_0219 by you.IMG_0307 by you.IMG_0311 by you.IMG_0267 by you.IMG_0271 by you.IMG_0262 by you.IMG_0257 by you.IMG_0249 by you.

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