Friday, June 5, 2009

fabric salamander vs. clay chameleon

Outfit of the day
Tunic design and pattern made by me
skirt H&M
shoes Harajuku Lovers
1920 ribbon

IMG_8574 by you.IMG_8571 by you.IMG_8565 by you.IMG_8564 by you.
While at my mother in law's house
there is plenty of down time
So I bought air dry clay and paint
and made some pins

IMG_8634 by you.

In the 1950's it was fashionable
to wear live chameleons
with little chain harnesses.
I am working on my final school collection
with this in mind as my sole inspiration.

(If you know anything about this or have seen pictures, I would be happy to hear anything since I am researching non stop!)

(I promise to keep you posted)

I have made
a brooch version for now

IMG_8613 by you.IMG_8605 by you.IMG_8600 by you.

other random brooches

IMG_8631 by you.IMG_8627 by you.IMG_8624 by you.

To everyone who has contributed:
Thank you so much for the suggestions
in Glasgow and Barcelona
keep them coming!