Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I need to file a complaint, Im hoping I'll have fellow complainers!

Dear Marc Jacobs
Come on!!!
It really isn't fair
you could have at least launched this idea for fall
it would be great because
our identical collections
could exist at the same time
Our ideas are always intertwined, but this is when it counted!!!
The teachers stick you on the same collection for a year and a half

I have no choice, it all has to go!

but really
Ive worked on this collection for a year and a half!!
luckily I haven't sewn anything yet!!!

Now I'm going to be behind
in my fashion school thesis!!!

It is your fault

I have to re-work everything

see for your self.

I mean come on look at these pants below
stop it!!!!!!!!!!!

IMG_5729 by you.sshot-432 by you.

lettersizeshell by you.sshot-440 by you.

IMG_5728 by you.sshot-438 by you.

sshot-439 by you.sshot-441 by you.sshot-427 by you.sshot-428 by you.

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Mrs. upset