Monday, September 7, 2009

When there were no posts I was....

I was busy this summer getting ready for my final collection

this is my last year of school

I had to work on 3 collections:

Liz Claiborne (to win money for CFDA)

And two of my choice, that could become my final collection

I was critiqued last week

It would be fabulous if everyone reading this would also critique :)

Keep in mind that these need to be developed further for the runway (these showns would be the garments that would be sold)

Inspiration: Liz Claiborne (over all feel) Du champ astronomy Dada (everything)

tabloiddesignboardlizClaiborne by you.lettersizelizastronomy by you.

Inspiration: Shell (silhouette) and nudibranch (textile and placement) 1800 references (details) FALL

tabloidshellboard by you.

lettersizeshell by you.

Inspiration: Chameleon (silhouette, texture, details, color) chain (details color)

tabloidchameleon by you.

lettersizechameleon by you.