Friday, December 3, 2010

OOops part 2 of 2 of my 4th day...then my last day in New York hahah

Haha I said that this post and the last were my last day and night of my visit is New York...but actually there is one more day I will share in this post :))) hah

Part 2 of 2 of my 4th day in New York

Her amazing blog: Les Yeux Sans Visage 
Works as an editor for: stylelikeu

She was hilarious, with exquisite taste (but already knew that from her amazing blog)
We talked about all kinds of things, 
while we crashed an empty party, and club filled with Jersey shore extras.
Hannah was there to make the night even better!

My true last day in New York!!

The last day was spent with Hannah and Landon 
showing Pierre and I around Greenwich Village, Lower east, and NOHO.
Hannah and I talked non stop about all the childhood memories, celebrity crushes, and favorite movies we had in common.  Oh and we both decided we want button quails running all over our house!
Thanks Hannah and London for being the best evverrrr!

At the end of the evening we met up with Billie and her husband, shes French, and Pierre had fun talking with her because he misses speaking French.  She is on her way toward a stylist career...I hope she follows through because from what I have seen in her flickr photos and below..I think we have a winner!