Thursday, January 13, 2011

Fashion Feud part 1 and the winner of The Wildfell hall vintage giveaway

Two designers are presented with secret fabrics 
To compete within 1 hour
To win the audience and judges must pick the most complete innovative look

This was the first of 3 competitions 
(I will be attending the other 2 as well)

The winner of this and the other 2 competitions
Will compete for the title of "Top designer of San Francisco"

Inspired heavily by themes, Crystal used bright colors to achieve her signature style.  She was previously really into the circus.

Mary, is heavily inspired by her 3 main muses: Bettie Davis, Lauren Bacall, Joan Crawford.  She loves their shared multifaceted personalities that included a strong sensibility, while sustaining a graceful icon status.

Look at the bag of secret mood fabrics on the floor

Sew! Sew! SEW!

Who was your favorite? 
Crystal was the winner of this round.

The audience:

I chatted with the lovely stylist, Aram
She is so sweet beautiful, and love her style
Check out her blog: Tagging Fashion

Aram took a picture of me:

After show Photoshoot:

Dress: 1940s dressing gown from: Junee Moon Vintage
Hat: 1940s fury felt and feathers from: QuiteRightSlick
Zipper pull: 30s Bakelite and lucite snap closure from: plmal
Socks: Happy socks
Purse: 1950s wicker frog purse
Shoes: Late 1960s hush puppies

Sorry for the long wait ladies!
And the winner of the Wildfell Hall vintage giveaway  is: