Thursday, January 6, 2011

Friends and bloggers wearing my designs!!

Mary Wearing my collars
This is a video where I styled some of Marys clothes
 from her fabulous closet 
with the collars!

Hannah wearing part of my collection see the runway here
The lobster/shell vest, shoes, and hat all designed and made by me

She was on the online New York time out fashion section see the slide show and video here
and I was honored that she mentioned my pieces:

Some stills of her wearing/showing my pieces:

Hannah wearing the shoes with shell clips:
Clothes in pictures for sale at: The Loved One

Emily wearing the shoes with crab clips:
Clothes in pictures for sale at: The Loved One




Adorable blogger: Don Juan Reckless Daughter bought a pair of my shoes as well :)
Can't wait to see her wearing them!

If you need any of the items above (haha) visit my shop