Thursday, October 8, 2009

I dont know if Im being completely neurotic but...

The collections this season
are making me feel personally violated

I feel like each designer
sent a spy
on a bussiness trip
into my
sketch books

I feel sure that when a designer takes a trip down "appliqué land" I feel threatened...

I think this really means
I am REALLY ready for a job

My shirt
My different hair colors show
how long Ive had it
starting with today:
(I saw the miu miu collection after putting this on today, and the runway photos were put up over night!!!)

IMG_6205 by you.IMG_6201 by you.IMG_6206 by you.IMG_6210 by you.IMG_0704 by you.IMG_0683 by you.

Miu Miu

I ususally look up to Prada as she (was) my god of fashion
untouchable even

now I feel cheated, almost as if I deserve to work with her

oh well Im completely dramatic

and here is Parada's Miu Miu collection

sshot-103 by you.sshot-110 by you.sshot-95 by you.
sshot-97 by you.sshot-101 by you.

the colection starts to veer off
but still
sshot-106 by you.sshot-133 by you.
sshot-126 by you.sshot-115 by you.sshot-139 by you.sshot-143 by you.sshot-144 by you.sshot-140 by you.sshot-137 by you.sshot-149 by you.sshot-155 by you.sshot-157 by you.sshot-158 by you.sshot-160 by you.sshot-147 by you.sshot-174 by you.

Of course I love it