Tuesday, October 13, 2009


Of course with all small obsessions
big obsessions follow

All summer I was only thinking about
on all my future clothing and accessories

It began with them creeping into my

shoulder brooch collection

Then the animals moved to hats and appliques

Then I watched the Inglorious basterds in August

and guess what I found

sshot-32 by you.sshot-30 by you.

And so, like every other designer
I am only thinking of leopard

sshot-4 by you.
sshot-1 by you.
sshot-748 by you.
sshot-112 by you.
sshot-751 by you.

sshot-749 by you.sshot-747 by you.
sshot-750 by you.sshot-756 by you.sshot-755 by you.sshot-754 by you.

I will be wearing it
from head to toe

My theory is that
the ONLY way

This is what I bought

1950's Leopard Beret/Hat

RESERVED ////DO NOT BUY ////50s Faux Fur Leopard Print Sleeveless Coat S/M

Ensembles will be posted shortly...