Monday, October 5, 2009

Oh Viktor & Rolf

Oh Viktor & Rolf how I adore thee

I want to run away to Amsterdam
and be your

eternal worker slave

I will buy your coffee

I will work for free

I just want to be around your magical auras!!!

Come on really
could a collection be MORE perfect?


Amazing experimentation with tulle wasn't enough
They had to kill me with indescribable floral appliques!!

silk pants

With its fantastic color story
Magical construction
textile details

I have awoken

from my Senior thesis blues

sshot-40 by you.
sshot-42 by you.
sshot-21 by you.
sshot-45 by you.
sshot-41 by you.
sshot-44 by you.
sshot-46 by you.
sshot-29 by you.
sshot-34 by you.
sshot-37 by you.
sshot-36 by you.
sshot-39 by you.
sshot-38 by you.
sshot-48 by you.